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Yearly Backflow Testing

What is a Backflow Inspection?

​ A Backflow preventer prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the public water supply. A Backflow Inspection is performed by a certified inspector who will test the device to ensure it is functioning properly.

Am I required to have my Backflow Tested?

Backflow preventers are required in many areas to protect the public water supply from contamination. The State of Ohio requires a yearly Backflow Inspection on all residential and commercial backflow preventers.  

Backflow Pros is certified to perform your yearly Backflow Inspections.

Should an issue with your Backflow Preventer arise during your annual inspection, we can make the necessary repairs so your Backflow Inspection will pass the test. Backflow Pros is available 24/7 to service your Delaware, Ohio home or business Backflow. 

Backflow Pros has been protecting your water since 2005. If you need to schedule your yearly Backflow Inspection, have a Backflow Repair, require Backflow Installation, or want to perform routine maintenance, give Backflow Pros a call at 740-369-6200.

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